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VV Australia is a Melbourne-based social media marketing agency specialising in content, production, and advertising for Chinese customer acquisition.

Over 5 years, we’ve served over 100 brands across industries, helping them effectively reach and engage their target Chinese audience to drive significant business growth.

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VV Australia Vanessa 2024

Vanessa Ruan

General Manage of VV Australia Little Red Book Growth Specialist

Graduated from the Communication University of China with over fifteen years of media industry experience in China, Vanessa possess a keen market sense for brand promotion.
Check Vanessas’s social media account on Xiaohongshu and TikTok.

Engaging Content Production

With our engaging social media content and experiences production team, we go beyond merely crafting content. We develop precise strategies to drive higher organic traffic. Our focus on high-quality content creation not only enhances brand image but also fosters meaningful consumer engagement.

Extensive Advertising Expertise on Xiaohongshu

Working on Xiaohongshu advertising, we understand that effective social media advertising requires synergy between content and placement. By implementing our strategies, we ensure your product advertised to right audience, resulting in higher customer engagements and increased lead generation for your business.

In-depth Platform Knowledge & Optimization

As seasoned content producers and performance advertisers on Xiaohongshu, we boast a profound understanding of platform regulations and traffic patterns. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we empower clients to effectively release the potential of the Xiaohongshu platform, delivering precise and efficient results.