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S&J Media Group
Digital Marketing

Helen & Joey Estate 

Mars Campers
Camping Gear Manufacturer

Aus Solar

Estate Buyer
Real Estate

Quantum Education


Trident Financial
Financial Services

AATI Holdings

what we
do for our

effective and creative storytelling to help brands thrive in the Chinese market

social media account management • content creation: photography, videography, and copywriting • organic SEO • targeted advertising on platforms like Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book)

a little bit about

the Little Red Book social media recommendation platform

Xiaohongshu is a leading social media recommendation platform in China, best suited for product discovery through authentic user-generated content that build trust.

260,000,000+ monthly users

Known for authentic product reviews and recommendations

The platform is known for its authentic product reviews and recommendations, distinguishing it from other e-commerce sites focused on sales.

Focuses on user-generated content

The Little Red Book stands out among other e-commerce sites and social media channels mainly because it focuses on user-generated content.

Encourages participation in its e-commerce community

The platform encourages participation in its e-commerce community to build quality, trustworthy content.


We establish a powerful online presence and connect businesses with their target Chinese audience.

From creating captivating visuals and narratives to implementing effective ad campaigns, we partner with businesses across industries to build an impactful digital presence and reach their ideal customers in China.

Social Media Account Management

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Account Branding & Topic Strategy

Content Creation (Photos, Videos, Text)

Live Streaming Setup & Performance

Organic Growth on Xiaohongshu

Xiaohongshu Feed Ads for Enhanced Reach

Precise Ad Targeting to Boost Inquiries

Increased Gross Merchandise Value via Live Selling

Aus Solar

VV Australia assisted Aus Solar in account management, video and text content creation, feed ADs, and social listening on Little Red Book.

increase in sales

Helen & Joey Estate
Social Media

VV Australia helped ”Helen & Joey Estate” with the account management on Little Red Book.


Principal Chu
Let’s Ed-Chu-cation

VV Australia helped “Principal Chu” with the account management on Little Red Book.

increase in followers
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What sets us apart is our unique blend of cultural expertise and strategic marketing approach.

Unique, Tailored Content that Resonates

Data-Driven Strategy for Measurable Results

Deep Cultural Integration & Understanding

Optimised Ad Targeting & Placements

VV Australia
social media
marketing agency

VV Australia is a Melbourne-based social media marketing agency specialising in content, production, and advertising for Chinese customer acquisition.

Over 5 years, we’ve served over 100 brands across industries, helping them effectively reach and engage their target Chinese audience to drive significant business growth.

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